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Infinite Jobs

One of our main missions is to offer insight to the evolution of the job market in the near future.  Once humanity comes to terms with the planets capacities.. the jobs are literally endless here.


We have the feeling that design of all shapes & sizes of architectures will be in constant demand.


The time is fast approaching when bamboo, hemp & other sustainable resources will have to replace trees.


Teaching will be very much in demand as there are vast amounts of new knowledge being invented everyday.


The service industry will go through massive changes.  But green space live styles will construct these services organically.

About Beebe Motors Design

Our chosen path in the world is to create change.  Moving people in the most enjoyable & safest ways possible are our goals.  Engineering minds don't just pioneer measurements & physics formulas, but lead directions towards a better world of possibilities..  One day we as a people may actually figure this place out, just a little bit.   And it is in each of these small steps forward where there are minutiae decisions being made everyday.  How do we produce or "manufacture" energy?  If matter truly is energy.. then the way we understand the future of mobility may change very quickly.. IF, we can learn to harness this power.  The manufacturing industry has the same caveats..  Additive, subtractive methods.. will we ever be able to construct using the base level matter of energy itself??   These are obviously pie-in-the sky questions here in 2021 but we must keep the door open for any & all possible solutions.  For they are the answers to our current design flaws within our society currently.  We may never be able to achieve the perfect balance which the utopist or futurist foresee.. But this should not stop us from exploring every avenue to exhaustion.   Where do you want to go today?

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